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A Breast Augmentation Can Help You Achieve Fuller Breasts

By: Dr. Chet Mays


Breast augmentation using breast implants is typically the most effective way to boost your breasts' size, shape, and symmetry. At Mays Plastic Surgery in Louisville, KY, Dr. Chet Mays has become a national leader in cosmetic surgery, including breast enhancement procedures. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries at Mays Plastic Surgery, and we perform hundreds of procedures a year.

Keep reading to discover how breast augmentation can help you achieve your desired look.

How does breast augmentation with breast implants work?

Breast augmentation with Dr. Mays typically involves the use of breast implants (however, a fat transfer can be performed by using excess fat from another area of the body). A personalized consultation is the first step in determining the best way to add fullness to your breasts.

Many women in their mid-20s to 40s choose this time to have breast surgery in order to reshape, enlarge, and enhance the symmetry of their breasts. This is a time when the body is still producing large amounts of collagen and elastin to help keep breasts lifted and help patients heal more quickly. Older women may choose to have a breast lift along with a breast augmentation in order to prevent sagging.

During the breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Mays will make an incision into the breast to insert the implant. The placement and depth of this incision will depend on your aesthetic goals, body type, breast tissue, and the type of implant used. For example, it may be placed under or over the pectoral muscle.

What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a very personal decision. You may simply be unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, seek more symmetrical breasts, or choose implants to reconstruct your breasts after a mastectomy.

The benefits of the personalized treatment plan you'll get at Mays Plastic Surgery include the following:

  • Customizable options that let you choose size, shape, and fullness

  • Revitalization of the breasts after childbirth and breastfeeding or significant weight loss

  • Rejuvenation of aging breasts and skin

  • Evening out asymmetrical breasts

  • The restoration of breasts after surgery or trauma

  • A boost to your self-confidence

  • Long-lasting and natural results

How much fuller will my breast get after breast augmentation surgery?

You can go up several bra sizes using breast implants. However, Dr. Mays will not only present you with your options but give you a realistic assessment of how larger implants may look and feel. In some cases, a dramatic increase in breast size can cause back and neck pain down the line.

You'll be able to view before and after photos from previous patients to get a sense of how different types and sizes of implants look on different body types. The consultation is the most important part of the procedure since it allows you and Dr. Mays to get on the same page concerning your goals and what's possible, safe, and realistic.

Get fuller breasts with breast augmentation in Louisville, KY

It's common to want to enlarge or reshape your breasts, especially if you've been unhappy with your natural breasts and now have the opportunity to change them in your mid-20s to 40s. At Mays Plastic Surgery, Dr. Chet Mays is devoted to helping patients get the look they desire, whether it's subtle or drastic.

To learn more about the benefits of breast implants for your body type, schedule a consultation at our office in Louisville, KY today.

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