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Sometimes, after undergoing breast augmentation to enhance the size and shape of the breasts, some women may decide to have them taken out for a number of factors. At Mays Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Louisville, KY, Dr. Chet Mays consults with patients who wish to get rid of their breast implants. At times, a breast lift may be needed after implant removal based on the size and type of the implants and how much your skin was stretched. A breast lift can often help reduce excess or sagging skin that can remain after implant removal. If you wish to return to your previous breast size, breast implant removal surgery and a breast lift may create amazing results to restore the natural look and texture of your breasts.  In some patients who have experienced growth of their breast over the years they may have excess tissue after removal of their implants that can be used for auto-augmentation during the time of the breast lift.

The recovery period will vary for each patient, depending on the techniques used during implant removal. Some patients will desire a capsulectomy at the time of their implant removal.  After the surgery, Dr. Mays will provide post-procedure instructions and might suggest additional procedures to help reduce scarring. For the first few weeks, patients will experience swelling and bruising and should restrict strenuous exercise until instructed otherwise. But, patients are invited to get up and gradually move around since it helps with blood circulation. Optimal results can typically be seen about 4 – 6 months following the procedure.

My Fears Were Calmed - Highly professional yet approachable. Very skilled and knowledgeable. Dr Mays and his staff made me feel comfortable and confident that he was the right surgeon for my need. I would highly recommend him for breast revision.Updated on 29 Jul 2019:I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer on May 24, 2018. I have a large number of relatives who have suffered from breast or ovarian cancer. Even tough I do not carry the BrCA genes, I elected to remove both breasts and do immediate reconstruction. I was able to have nipple sparing surgery and did not have to have chemotherapy or radiation therapy.My surgery was performed on July 30, 2018. The oncology surgeon removed all breast tissue and the plastic surgeon inserted tissue expanders under the muscles injecting 300 cc Of saline in each side. I spent one night in the hospital and did very well. I recovered for a couple of months and then started having injections every two weeks in the expanders. This was a very painful process. The right expander had a leak so it kept a ripple in the upper side of the breast. After several injections, the area between the breasts became very sore and bruised. The exchange surgery was November 15, 2018 as outpatient surgery. The next day I felt like the right implant was too far to the right. It felt like it was under my armpit. Follow up with the plastic surgeon was not pleasant. I told him they were too wide. He said a bra would fix it. It did not improve. When I went to the oncology surgeon for my six month follow up appointment, he looked at my breasts and asked who had done the plastic surgery. He gave me Names of two plastic surgeons who could fix my problem. I did research and chose a completely different doctor: Dr Chet Mays. He assured me that he could repair the wide pocket with popcorn capsilorrphy. He used my existing 800 cc implants. Dr Mays even removed dog ears under each arm from initial surgery and performed liposuction on my abdomen and used the fat to inject into upper poles of the breasts. The fat absorbed into the breasts after a couple weeks.Updated on 13 Aug 2019:Dr Mays did my revision in March. I’m still healing and settling Updated on 21 Aug 2019:I’m still having some tenderness at the incision site but my breasts are much softer. The right one needs to soften more. Daily massage has really helped. Updated on 26 Aug 2019:Breasts are still wide, but my frame large and my natural breasts were also pretty wide part. With a bra they have good shoe and cleavage. My six month follow up appointment is next week. Updated on 26 Aug 2019:Feeling more natural. Updated on 26 Aug 2019:

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Breast Implant Removal Without Lift - Last December, Dr. Mays removed my 330 cc cohesive silicone breast implants that were placed in 2003. They did not cause me any problems and still looked/felt fine. I just wanted them out. I waited until after the removal to decide whether or not I might need a lift since I am now almost 40 and they were in there a long time. For the first few months, they looked pretty deflated! But now they look pretty close to my pre-implant breasts. I could not be happier with the results!

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I am SO GLAD I found Dr. Mays and his team! I had an implant revision a little over two weeks ago after I was not happy with my results from a different surgeon and I am already so happy with my results. Dr. Mays and his staff are so welcoming and friendly. The whole team was very involved in my decision making for my revision and were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Mays may be the most laid back and friendly doctor around! I never felt rushed and he really helped me decide what I needed to do to reach my goals. My post-op nurse LaWanda is the sweetest! Their lead aesthetician, Ashley is also AMAZING! If you're interested in improving your skin, Ashley is your girl! She also takes time to listen to your skin concerns and will personalize your treatments to address those concerns. She is extremely knowledgeable in skincare and also helped me build a daily skincare regimen specific to my skin 6 months ago and my skin is better at 34 than it was in my 20's! If you're on the fence about a cosmetic surgery, go ahead and book a consult with Dr. Mays. You won't be disappointed!

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Several circumstances can make you unhappy with your current breast implants. Whether they're the wrong texture, shape, or size, Mays Plastic Surgery & Med Spa can help you get the appearance you desire with breast implant removal. At your consultation, our plastic surgery team will speak with you regarding your options to renew the appearance and feel of your breasts. To get more information, call our Louisville, KY office at your earliest convenience.

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Is breast implant removal a complicated procedure?

The complexity of the procedure depends on factors like implant type, size, and the condition of the breast tissue. Dr. Mays and the team of Mays Plastic Surgery have extensive experience in breast surgery, making them a trusted choice for this procedure in Louisville, KY.

How much does breast implant removal cost?

The cost of breast implant removal can vary depending on several factors. During your initial consultation, Dr. Mays can better understand your goals and discuss costs and financing options offered at Mays Plastic Surgery & Med Spa.

Will breast implant removal affect the appearance of my breasts?

Breast implant removal may lead to changes in breast shape and volume. During your consultation, Dr. Mays can discuss options like a fat transfer to help restore a more youthful and natural appearance to your breasts.

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