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Helix Laser for better results with no downtime

By: Dr. Chet Mays


Helix CoolPeel Louisville, KY

The Helix laser is a versatile laser changing the game.

For patients who want to reduce the look of wrinkles, age spots, acne scars or just need skin tightening, the helix laser can treat all of their concerns.

The Helix CoolPeel it works well on those looking for gentle correction and also those in need of a more aggressive treatment. I use it at my practice to treat brown spots, lines and wrinkles and address skin texture.

The Helix laser has the ability to be increased to a more aggressive level if the patient has deeper wrinkles and sun damage for a more dramatic improvement. Think heavy-duty resurfacing of lines, age spots and texture without the downtime.

What is unique about our practice is the use of exosomes. Exosomes are naturally occurring, microscopic vesicles that play a crucial role in cell communication, carrying proteins, lipids, and RNA between cells. In aesthetics, they are trending due to their ability to enhance treatment efficacy and accelerate recovery, offering a new frontier in personalized and effective skincare solutions.

Because exosomes are anti-inflammatory, they reduce redness and dramatically reduce post-procedure downtime by 80%. Our patients are blown away by the reduction in downtime.

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